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Tomato Paste Single Concentration

Ingredients: Santorini tomato paste single concentrated, salt, No preservatives.
Concentration dry residue: 22-24%
Characteristics: It embraces all the characteristics of a fresh Santorini Tomato! Bright red colour, elegant sweet flavor and intense aromas of a freshly cut tomato!
Serving suggestions: Enjoy it with snacks like french fries, omelette, fresh sandwiches or burgers! Use it to enrich the flavour of traditional dishes or other creative cuisine inspirations!
Energy (KJ/100gr) / Kcal/100gr) 322/ 76
Total fat (gr/100gr) < 0,1
Of which saturated (gr/100gr) < 0,1
Carbohydrates(gr/100gr) 15,6
Of which sugars (gr/100gr) 13,1
Proteins (gr/100gr) 3,1
Sodium (gr/Kg) 6,6